Sunrise on the Matterhorn Oil Painting

The Matterhorn is an Alps mountain that straddles Switzerland’s and Italy’s primary watershed and border. It is a massive, nearly-symmetric pyramidal peak in the extended Monte Rosa area of the Pennine Alps, with a summit elevation of 4,478 meters, making it one of the Alps’ and Europe’s highest summits.

During a four-year term of study in Europe, Bierstadt went on a sketching excursion with a group of American colleagues in the summer of 1856. His infatuation with the Swiss scenery led him to create a series of oil studies and pencil sketches while on the trip, as well as many huge canvases of the mountain landscape after he returned to New Bedford, Massachusetts. Between 1867 and 1897, he returned to Switzerland several times to continue sketching. The artist painted the cloud-encircled peak in the distance in this dramatic picture of the Matterhorn, dramatically contrasting with a low, rocky foreground. The tall trees on the bottom left enhance the mountain’s vertical thrust.


Renaissance Art Aesthetic - Photography And Digital Painting
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